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Bucyrus Erie 25B Excavator Parts Manual
Bucyrus Erie 25B Excavator Parts Manual
Bucyrus Erie 25B Excavator Parts Manual
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Bucyrus Erie 325H Excavator Parts Manual
Bucyrus Erie 325H Excavator Parts Manual
Bucyrus Erie 325H Excavator Parts Manual
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Bucyrus Erie 15-B Cable Shovel
Bucyrus Erie 22-B Excavator

Features of Bucyrus Erie Excavators

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The efficient use of Bucyrus electric excavator is facilitated by their low duty cycle and high reliability of the design due to the use of modern technologies and in-house engineering developments.


The technical characteristics of these machines allow them to be used in a variety of mining and technical conditions:

- bucket capacity - from 5.7 to 68.8 m3;

- standard boom length - from 12.2 to 20.4 m;

- working weight - from 330 to 3113 tons.


The guaranteed service life of electric mechanical shovels is 25 years with a technical readiness factor reaching the level of 0.90–0.93 for mechanical components and 0.95 for the electrical part.


All shovels, with the exception of models 182M and 201M, are manufactured at factories in the USA.


The 182M and 201M, which are Marion's proven designs since the 1990s, are manufactured at the plant in Bangladore, India.


To replace the Bucyrus 201M excavator, a new 295HD machine has appeared in the modern model range.


Three modifications of excavators are offered:

- HD (Heavy Duty) - for very difficult working conditions (on rocky rocks);

- HR (Hard Rock) - for heavy and medium working conditions;

- HF (High Flotation) - for work on soils with low bearing capacity.


The Bucycrus company offers two more standard sizes of electric mechanized shovels with large operating parameters for working in special conditions:


- 595 - with buckets with a capacity of 24.5 to 64.3 m3; operating weight 1325–1223 tons in modifications for standard and elongated booms;

- 795 - with a bucket payload of 123 tons and an operating weight of 2268 tons.


The distinguishing feature of Bucyrus excavators is the AC electric drive, which has lower maintenance costs and higher efficiency. compared to excavators equipped with DC drive (86% instead of 74%).


All modern models of Bucyrus electric excavators are equipped with FastFil trapezoidal buckets, which are characterized by increased (up to 100%) filling and productivity with a lower dead weight compared to traditional rectangular buckets.


The 182M, 201M and 295HD mech shovels use a rack and pinion mechanism, the 295HR and 395HR use a cable mechanism, and three models of size 495 use a cable and hydraulic mechanism.

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