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Fortschritt E516 Combine Operator's Manual
Fortschritt E516 Combine Operator's Manual
Fortschritt E516 Combine Operator's Manu
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Fortschritt K442 Operator's Manual
Fortschritt K442 Operator's Manual
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Fortschritt ZT Tractor
Fortschritt Tractor

History of Fortschritt Tractors

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The Fortschritt manufacturer traces its history back to 1949, when two enterprises located in East Germany began the production of agricultural machinery under the general name Fortschritt.


In 1951, the association already included five independent manufacturers.


The new production association changed its name to WB LBH FORTSCHRITT. The base production is located in Neustadt.


At the beginning of the production activity, the product line consisted of trailed equipment (threshers and balers).


But already in 1955, the production of self-propelled combines began.


The current brand for agricultural machinery entered the market in 1978.


After the unification of Germany, the company changed ownership several times.


First, following the privatization results, MFW became the new owner.


In 1997, it was bought by the American manufacturer CASE, which influenced another brand change.

Now it is CF, in the first letters of the main participants (CASE plus FORTSCHRITT).


The CF catalog includes several areas of rural technology:


- self-propelled mowers - this type of agricultural machinery is represented by the Fortschritt product line (models E-302E-303E-303W);


- reapers - models E-023B, etc;


- grain harvesters - the production of these products was moved from Germany to Poland. The plant is located in the city of Plock. Currently, the harvesters of the New Holland line are produced;


- harvesters for harvesting potatoes - adapted for harvesting on stony and lumpy soils. They are offered to the consumer in a two-row design (for example, model E-686);


- tractors;


- milk coolers;


- balers (for example, model Fortschritt K-454);


- forage harvesters (e.g. Fortschritt E-281).

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