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Changfa CF 805 SD Track Combine Harvester Specs
Changfa CF 805 SD Track Combine Harvester Specs
Changfa CF 805 SD Track Combine Harveste
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.6 MB
Changfa ZS1115G Tractor Engine Operating Manual
Changfa ZS1115G Tractor Engine Operating Manual
Changfa ZS1115G Tractor Engine Operating
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.4 MB

Changfa 160-180hp Tractor
Changfa 30-50hp Tractor

Features of Changfa Tractors

Above on the page there are several PDF Manuals with Spare Parts Catalogue for CHANGFA Tractors, Combine Harvesters.


Changfa tractors entered the Chinese market in 2006.


In addition to high-power tractors, the company produces combine harvesters, transplanters, agricultural implements, diesel engines, generators, and dryers.


All products are produced with minimal import substitution.


Consider the main technical characteristics of Changfa equipment.




Changfa tractors are equipped with 6-cylinder turbocharged Yuchai engines with intercooler.


Turbocharging allows you to turn hot gases into additional energy, and the intercooler acts as a charge air cooler.


The presence of two units allows the most efficient use of the energy of charge air.


The environmental standard of the tractor engine is Euro-3.


The engine of any presented model is equipped with an electronic Common Rail fuel injection system, which allows you to optimize fuel consumption.


The type of fuel that is poured into the tank is Eurodiesel, which is available at all gas stations.


Walking system.


All Changfa tractors are all-wheel drive models, where the front-wheel drive is connected forcibly or automatically, depending on the set mode.


Any tractor is equipped with an adjustable track, which allows the use of equipment for continuous and inter-row field work.


All models of Changfa tractors have good wheel alignment.


Tire sizes, rut adjustment paths, and other data, view in the individual characteristics of each tractor.


Brake system.


For installation on the rear axle of tractors, oil-bath disc brakes are selected.


Hydraulic system.


All models of tractors can be used not only in the agricultural sector, but also in animal husbandry, utilities, construction, forestry, gardening and park management.


Any Changfa tractor has everything you need to work with front and rear units: distributors, front and rear hydraulic outlets, rear PTO at 540/1000 rpm.


The load capacity of the rear mechanism depends on the model. In general, it varies from 4.5 to 5.8 tons.


Cabin and control systems.


The frame of Changfa complies with safety according to all international criteria.


Inside the cab, the tractor is equipped with a stove, air conditioning, and a fan.


Side and rear windows open. There is a hatch. The cab is equipped with a modern ventilation and air purification system, which is important during field and construction work.


The steering wheel and seat are adjustable in any position.


From the main components of the system.


Hydraulic steering.

One piece dashboard.

Manual gearbox 32+32 with creeper and reverse.

Rear axle differential lock option.

PTO lever.

Control levers for front and rear units.

Options for adjusting light optics, climate control and more.


The Changfa tractor is guaranteed -1 year, but practice has shown that such equipment serves without major repairs with a maximum intensity of operation up to 8000-10000 hours or 7-10 years of continuous use.

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