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Shehwa SD7 Dozer Operator's Manual
Shehwa SD7 Dozer Operator's Manual
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Shehwa SD8 Dozer Parts Catalog
Shehwa SD8 Dozer Parts Catalogue
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History of HBCG / Shehwa Bulldozers

Above on the page there are several PDF Manuals for SHEHWA Bulldozers.


Hebei Xuanhua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Xuanhua, the ancient city of the "linking of three provinces".


The company is engaged in the production and sale of construction equipment, serial products and additional equipment for bulldozers, loaders, road rollers, pipe layers and excavators.


The large state-owned enterprise is the only high drive bulldozer manufacturer in China and remains the leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry in North China.


The company employs about 1,700 people in its factories, and the total production area of HBXG is 1.6 million square meters.


600,000 square meters of workshops and workshops equipped with more than 1,200 sets of high-tech and high-precision equipment.


The state-owned enterprise was founded in 1950 in Hebei province, about 170 km from Beijing, the capital of China, and initially focused on the production and sale of agricultural machinery alone.


But after 10 years, starting in 1960, the company actively took up the development of industrial bulldozers.


The result was the production in 1965 of the Shehwa T2-120, the largest bulldozer machine in China at the time.

From the very beginning, the company's management pursued an active policy of international cooperation and exchange of experience.


The first result of this activity was the acquisition in 1986 of a patent for the production of the original Caterpillar diagrams and drawings of the D6-D bulldozer.


HBXG's managers have always closely followed the market and actively embraced the latest technological industry solutions of their time.


So, 1993 was marked for the company by the release of the first bulldozer equipped with an upper driving (traction) sprocket.


Since 1998, the quality of HBXG products has been confirmed by obtaining a certificate for compliance with the ISO9001 standard.


In 1999, Xuanhua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is listing its shares on the Chinese stock exchange.


Starting next year, the history of the company will be closely related to the Hebei Iron & Steel Group (HBIS).


As part of HBISHBXG becomes the leading bulldozer manufacturer in China.


By the way, the HBIS concern ranks second on the planet in terms of the volume of steel smelted per year, produces various equipment and machines for the mining industry, and is a large financial and logistics holding.

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