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KAISER Spider Excavator Manuals PDF

Kaiser S22RR Road-Rail Excavator Specification
Kaiser S22RR Road-Rail Excavator Specs
Kaiser S22RR Road-Rail Excavator Specifi
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.6 MB
Kaiser S10 S12 Mobile Walking Spider Excavator Specification
Kaiser S10 S12 Mobile Walking Spider Excavator Specs
Kaiser S10 S12 Mobile Walking Spider Exc
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.3 MB

Kaiser Spider Walking Excavator
Kaiser S-12 Walking Excavator

Features of Kaiser Excavators

Above on the page there are several PDF Tech Manuals for KAISER Walking Spider Excavators.


The Kaiser walking (spider) excavator features a powerful Perkins diesel powertrain that delivers high torque even at low rpm and low noise levels.


Also, an all-wheel drive chassis with hydraulically adjustable carriages (telescopes), allowing optimal adaptation to the terrain, load-independent hydraulic system, large and reliable 5-circuit cooling system.


Also a powerful slewing drive, a comfortable full-view driver's cab with a joystick electronic control system, a multifunctional control display and a water heating system (optional air conditioning).


Also a special articulated boom with a high load capacity and a minimum turning radius (unrivaled maximum reach (8.2 m) with a 1.5 m telescope).


The hydraulically adjustable carriage (telescope) allows optimal adaptation to the terrain and ensures the stability of the machine, in difficult-to-pass places it makes it possible to move with the support paws.


Regular movement by means of a three-stage reducer with a hydrostatic multi-disc brake - 2 working modes forward - fast (0-10 km / h) and strong (0-6 km / h), backward.


Possibility of simultaneous execution of working movements.

Several types of machine control are possible: front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.


Optionally, the car can also be retrofitted for movement in the city, on the road.


Small dimensions and mobility allow the excavator to be transported over long distances in the back of a truck; this does not require special means for loading and unloading - using telescopes, an arrow and electronic joystick control, the spider excavator itself is loaded into the truck body.


The excavator's cab has a wide entrance, great visibility; comfortable and safe for the driver.


The large, inward-opening windshield provides visibility to the entire jobsite and machine. The roof of the cab has a glass insert and also serves as an additional source for viewing.


The sealed insulation, developed in collaboration with research institutes, protects the cab from vibration and noise.


High-backed comfort seat. Sun louvers at the top of the cab provide protection from sunlight.


Few are involved in the production of spider excavators. The most famous among the companies are Menzi MuckKaiserEuromach.

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