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MB Trac 700 800 900 1000 Tractors Specs
MB Trac 700 800 900 1000 Tractors Specs
MB Trac 700 800 900 1000 Tractors Specs
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MB Trac 1100 1300 Tractors Specs
MB Trac 1100 1300 Tractors Specs
MB Trac 1100 1300 Tractors Specs PDF.pdf
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Mercedes Benz MB Trac 1800
Mercedes-Benz MB Trac

History of Mercedes MB Trac

Above on the page there are several PDF Tech Manuals for MERCEDES-BENZ MB Trac Tractors.


Back in the late 1960s, Mercedes started thinking about the agricultural segment.


Of course, the brand had the famous Unimog, among the dozens of professions of which there were those associated with this industry.


But it was nevertheless designed for universal road work, and only occasionally for agricultural work.


At the same time, many competitors were producing full-fledged tractors (Deutz and Volvo, Steyr and FIAT are just a few examples). And the Mercedes employees started developing their own tractor.


The firstborn was the MB Trac-65 (where 65 is horsepower), which appeared in 1972.


Based on the decisions of the same Unimog, it had a ladder frame and permanent 4-wheel drive, which was a rarity for that time. It differed from all competitors in the layout: four wheels of the same radius, a narrowed hood, which improved visibility, and a comfortable cab located in the middle of the base.

The hydraulic outlets and attachment areas for the attachments were located in the front, back and in the middle of the frame.


Possessing the endless possibilities of the concern, in the future the family has grown to one and a half dozen models with different engines with a capacity of up to 180 hp. and manual transmissions (most had 12 forward and reverse gears).


Among them were the heroes of the heavy class: the MB Trac-1500 (150 hp) that started forty years ago and the 30-year-old MB Trac-1800 (respectively, 180 hp).


Later, the concern joined forces with the tractor branch of the Deutz company, but in 1991 production was stopped, and the rights to a series of tractors were sold to the Werner brand, which still produces them.


And yet, the quality of the Mercedes of that time made itself felt: out of forty-one thousand Mercedes tractors produced in 19 years, about thirty thousand are still on the move.

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