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Lishide CL956 Front Loader Specification
Lishide CL956 Front Loader Specs
Lishide CL956 Front Loader Specification
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Lishide SC130-8 Hydraulic Excavator Specification
Lishide SC130-8 Hydraulic Excavator Specs
Lishide SC130-8 Hydraulic Excavator Spec
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Lishide SC220-8 Hydraulic Excavator Specification
Lishide SC220-8 Hydraulic Excavator Specs
Lishide SC220-8 Hydraulic Excavator Spec
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Lishide CL956 Front Loader
Lishide SC60 Compact Excavator

Features of Lishide Excavators

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An unusual development was proposed by the Lishide company - new models of excavators with three boom cylinders.


In the Chinese market, Lishide has been selling such excavators since 2015, but now that the design has proven its worth, the firm is starting to export its machines to developing countries.


The new Lishide SC3620, SC5030, SC5532 and SC8050 excavators weigh 35, 48, 51 and 77 tons and are equipped with 169, 194, 260 and 336 kW Cummins diesel engines, respectively.


The machines are China Stage III compliant, and the SC5532 and SC8050 can be equipped with other engines.


Excavators have much higher digging power thanks to the three-cylinder boom design.


The company specializes in the production of crawler excavators. Part of the Changlin Group.

Lishide SC240.8: specifications, description, review.


Crawler excavators Lishide SC240.8


Lishide SC240.8 excavator weighing 23,200 kg, engine power 133 kW, bucket volume 1.2 m3.


Lishide SC240.8 specifications:


Equipment weight 23200 kg

Engine power 133 kW

Bucket volume 1.2 m3

Maximum digging depth 6875 mm

Overall dimensions 9890 x 2980 x 3190 mm

Travel speed 3.5 - 5.2 km / h

Maximum overcome angle of inclination 70 percent

Turning radius 3975 mm

Maximum rotation speed of the tower mechanism 11.1 rpm

Maximum dumping height 6438 mm

Maximum digging height 9310 mm

Fuel tank volume 350 l

Lishide CL935: specifications, description, review.


Lishide CL935 wheel loaders.


Lishide CL935 front loader weighing 9800 kg, engine power 92 kW, bucket volume 1.7 m3.


Loader with jaw grab for logging.


Specifications Lishide CL935:


Equipment weight 9800 kg

Engine power 92 kW

Bucket volume 1.7 cu. m

Rated lifting capacity 3000 kg

Overall dimensions 6875 x 2260 x 3010 mm

Maximum dumping height 3100 mm

Unloading distance 1270 mm

Turning radius 5240 mm

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