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BOMR Ultra 45-60 hp Tractors Parts Manual
BOMR Ultra 45-60 hp Tractors Parts Manual
BOMR Ultra 45-60 hp Tractors Parts Manua
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YT1204 series axles are used by BOMR Agricultural Engineering Machinery Company and Luoyang Shiying Machinery Production Company in the production of four-wheel tractors.


Axles YT1204Z are models with front and rear stabilizers.


In addition, the company manufactures axles for 120HP four-wheel tractors and similar large vehicles.


Structural features:


1. This series of driven steerable axles adopts a two-stage structure and is equipped with an angular velocity joint, which is the connecting unit of the inner axle shaft and the drive shaft.


2. The integrated ductile iron structure has excellent stability despite being light in weight.


3. The design also includes a drive shaft located in the middle and a central stabilizer.


4. Hydraulic steering wheel system provides a maximum steering angle of 50 degrees.

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