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DW 240B - 244B Tractors Operator's Manual
DW 240B - 244B Tractors Operator's Manual
DW 240B - 244B Tractors Operator's Manua
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Appearance is one of the indisputable advantages of DW mini tractors. They are made in accordance with current trends, have a laconic design, compact dimensions.


Due to this, the equipment is pleasant to use, and also has excellent characteristics of maneuverability, stability, is suitable for operation in limited space, it is easy to find a storage space for it during idle time.


Versatility of use - the DW mini-tractor can be bought for working out loose, waterlogged, problematic soils, for aggregation with various types of attachments.


DW tractors are fuel efficient. The starting price for DW mini tractors is low. Therefore, in general, the purchase and maintenance costs are fully paid off in the shortest possible time, the special equipment of this brand is estimated by private users and entrepreneurs as cost-effective.


With its small dimensions and weight, the DW mini tractors are high-performance and reliable machines with a high margin of safety and a long working resource.

When using such special equipment, the efficiency of land cultivation increases significantly while minimizing time costs and human efforts.


One of the indicators is an easy start of the system under any temperature conditions and any weather conditions.


Comfort is one of the priority criteria. The manufacturer paid due attention to this, therefore, the cabins of certain modifications are made in accordance with all the laws of ergonomics, they have improved thermal insulation, visibility, and heating is possible.


In other models, a more budget class, a canopy is provided. An additional plus of the ease of use of even inexpensive mini tractors.


DW stands for minimal background noise and negligible vibration.

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