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Bulat DF254-404 Tractors Operator's Manual
Bulat DF254-404 Tractors Operator's Manual
Bulat DF254-404 Tractors Operator's Manu
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Bulat Weima Operating Manual of Petrol Engines
Bulat Weima Operating Manual of Petrol Engines
Bulat Weima Operating PDF Manual of Petr
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Bulat T-240 Tractor
Bulat Tractor

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Mini tractors Bulat - a line of Chinese special equipment, focused on the sale in the European market.


Taking into account the peculiarities of the climate in the countries located on this territory, the previous versions of mini-tractors have been modernized, improved, adapted in such a way that they could be used all-season in agriculture, utilities and construction.


Sale of Bulat mini tractors is carried out in several modifications that have such

general features:


- Variable power ranging from 24 to 35 hp It is set by diesel 3- and 4-cylinder engines with a liquid cooling system.


- Bulat mini tractors are easy to operate and maintain, do not require a lot of time and money from the user during intensive use.


- In the device of all Bulat mini tractors there is a power take-off shaft with a rotational speed of 1000 rpm.


Therefore, such special equipment can be equipped with different types of attachments, including other manufacturers, this does not reduce efficiency.

- Milling, plowing, harrowing, hilling, weeding, planting seeds and fertilizers, watering and aerating the soil, harvesting, garbage collection and transportation of goods, removing snow and ice - all these works are performed quickly and efficiently.


- The transmission system on Chinese tractors Bulat has four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. Therefore, it is possible to buy a Bulat mini-tractor inexpensively and completely suitable for its functionality, resistance to intense loads and difficult operating conditions.


- All Bulat mini-tractors are equipped with a mechanical multi-position gearbox. The steering wheel has a hydraulic booster. Therefore, control and adjustment of the speed of movement is easy even for a novice user, and even more so for an experienced one.


- The brake system in Bulat mini tractors is of a drum type, the wheels have good tread, there is an option for locking a differential. Due to such a device, good cross-country ability is ensured, the stability of the machine on an uneven ground or icy, loose soil.

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