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Kramer 380 480 580 Wheel Loader Operator's Manual
Kramer 380 480 580 Wheel Loader Operator's Manual
Kramer 380 480 580 Wheel Loader Operator
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Kramer 418 Wheel Loader
Kramer 5075 Wheel Loader

History of Kramer Loaders

Above on the page there is a PDF Operator's Manual for KRAMER Loaders.


Kramer are powerful and efficient, easy-to-operate, agile wheel loaders with 4x4 all-wheel drive, hydrostatic transmissions, ergonomic spacious cabs with all-round visibility and easy, safe access to the inside.


One of the main distinguishing features of Kramer wheel loaders and skid steers is the steering of all four wheels with a wheel turning angle of up to 40° in each direction.


This maneuvering concept, combined with the one-piece frame design of the machines, gives them unsurpassed maneuverability and more.


The all-wheel steer system, unlike articulated front loaders, guarantees Kramer high stability, also on slopes, and a constant, unchanging load level during turns, and this is a very important safety factor for loaders of this size and load class.


Thanks to the all-wheel steering system, Kramer loaders have an optimal power-to-weight ratio, compact dimensions and lower fuel consumption - they are about 20% lighter than wheel loaders of the same load class from other manufacturers.


Kramer wheel loaders also come with a front-wheel-only steering mode as standard, which is used when traveling at high speeds, such as on highways, up to 40 km/h.


For more precise work in particularly tight spaces, Kramer offers an optional crab mode.

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