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Lovol 1000 & Phaser series Engine User's Manual
Lovol 1000 & Phaser series Engine User's Manual
Lovol 1000 & Phaser series Engine User's
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.4 MB
Lovol TB2SA604-002K Wheeled Tractor Parts Catalogue
Lovol TB2SA604-002K Wheeled Tractor Parts Catalog
Lovol TB2SA604-002K Wheeled Tractor Part
Adobe Acrobat Document 9.2 MB
Lovol TD series Tractors Operation Manual
Lovol TD series Tractors Operation Manual
Lovol TD series Tractors Operation Manua
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.0 MB

Lovol 904 Tractor
Lovol TD-904 Generation III Tractor

Review of Lovol FT 244 Tractor

Above on the page there are several PDF Manuals for LOVOL Tractors.


LOVOL was founded in 1998.


Foton-Lovol minitractors are factory Chinese tractors.


Lovol FT 244 HRXN is an advanced solution for your private agribusiness or farm solutions.


Powerful, built in accordance with all the rules and standards, productive and completely reliable: everything is perfect in this tractor.


Foton Lovol equipment has long entered the world market and has won the recognition of the farming community.


And this is the main reason why you should pay attention to the cars of this particular manufacturer.


Speaking about the Lovol FT 244 HRXN, there are several key points worth highlighting.


Powerful 3-cylinder KM385BT or QC385BT engine with a maximum power of 24 hp. and an efficient water cooling system.


All-wheel drive gearbox with a 4x4 wheel arrangement and a plug-in front axle drive.


Adjustable track of the front wheels in the range of 1160-1225 mm and rear - 960-1460 mm for convenient adjustment of the machine and work with different row spacings.

Gearbox with reverse, designed for 8 speeds and forward and 8 reverse.


Dual-mode PTO with 540 and 720 rpm for better adjustment of the work of the attachment.


For a better understanding of all structural details, below we have given a detailed table with the technical characteristics of the tractor. Also, the details can be obtained from the manager by phone.


The wide functionality of the Lovol FT 244 HRXN helps to reduce the operating time.


Like other similar machines, the Lovol FT 244 HRXN mini tractor works well with a wide range of attachments.


In particular, a rotary tiller, a rake, a potato digger, a seeder, a sprayer, a trailer, a snow plow and other tools can be connected to it.


With a full arsenal of attachments and a tractor in your garage, you can:


It is enough to quickly and efficiently process soil of any type and complexity;


Perform a complex of sowing and harvesting works;


Mow grass and harvest hay with fodder crops for the winter;


Take out garbage and transport goods to the storage place;


Clearing snow in winter and removing the ice crust.


All in all, you get a functional and efficient technique.

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