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Huddig 1060c Backhoe Loader Specification
Huddig 1060c Backhoe Loader Specs
Huddig 1060c Backhoe Loader Specificatio
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Huddig 1160 Backhoe Loader Specification
Huddig 1160 Backhoe Loader Specs
Huddig 1160 Backhoe Loader Specification
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Huddig 1260e Backhoe Loader Specification
Huddig 1260e Backhoe Loader Specs
Huddig 1260e Backhoe Loader Specificatio
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Huddig Backhoe

History of Huddig Loader

Above on the page there are several PDF Manuals for HUDDIG Backhoe Loader.


The history of the Huddig backhoe loader dates back to Sweden.


The company started its activity in 1959 when the company was producing earth-moving equipment.


24 years later, Huddig produced the first backhoe loader.


The machines have 5 main advantages over conventional multi-wheeled backhoe loaders:


- Thanks to the tires, high cross-country ability is provided. Reduced ground pressure provides excellent performance regardless of breed;


- Increased productivity during loading and moving operations;


- The automated control system for all wheels makes it possible to move equipment in three ways: "Normal mode", "Trace in trail" and "Crab move";


- The ability to control the front wheels guarantees safety and high speed;


- Acceptable cost.



Although the new Huddig 860 has been designed as a backhoe loader, you will find many convenient features in it.


The modified hinge, which is the trademark of the loader, gives it the ability to work under different conditions.


The force of gravity is biased, which allows the loader to be stable while working. Works great both off-road and on narrow city streets.


The Deutz engine is 25% more powerful than its processor.


Compared to the previous model, the Huddig 860 has a number of advantages.


Deutz engine with two-stage compressor intermediate vessel that reduces exhaust gas emissions.


Engine operation is shown on an electronic monitor and is organized to increase engine power and save fuel.


While the Huddig is designed as a strong backhoe loader, it remains versatile.


The center pivot joint, together with the excellent engine and high hydraulic power, gives the machine extra flexibility and high quality work both on level ground and in heavier conditions.

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