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Xingtai XT120 Tractor Test Report PDF
Xingtai XT120 Tractor Test Report PDF
Xingtai XT120 Tractor Test Report PDF.pd
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Xingtai XT120 Tractor Operator's Manual PDF
Xingtai XT120 Tractor Operator's Manual PDF
Xingtai XT120 Tractor Operator's Manual
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Xingtai XT220 Tractor
Xingtai XT224 Tractor

Xingtai Tractors Features

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The Xingtai company is a well-established brand under which tractors for various purposes and with wide functionality are produced and sold on a large scale worldwide.


In addition to the production itself, the company's employees pay a lot of attention to researching target demand.


This allows us to develop new models that fully meet the requirements of users and offer them a favorable price for the Xingtai mini-tractor.


Xingtai mini tractors are mainly wheeled multifunctional machines, to which you can aggregate any mounted implements, including they are perfectly combined with hinges and trailed equipment of other brands.


The entire line of Xingtai mini-tractors is characterized by the following design features: the most important element of the system is the engine, represented by 1, 2, 3-cylinder diesel models with a vertically oriented arrangement inside the body and a system water cooling.


The model range is wide enough, so you can buy a Xingtai mini tractor with characteristics from 12 to 24 hp, which will allow you to work without problems on plots of up to 5 hectares with different types of crops.


The working life of the system is long, since the company uses reliable and durable components, implements its own unique developments to improve wear resistance.

Xingtai mini tractors have a transmission based on the mechanical principle of gear shifting in 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 versions, a dry closed single-plate clutch.


Therefore, the control and monitoring of the vehicle's position in space, as well as smooth speed control when using various attachments, are typical for vehicles of this class.


To simplify the operation of the Xingtai mini tractor, the system is equipped with hydraulics, through which attachments are lifted. The lifting speed can be adjust for current needs, for which the throttle valve is intended.


Buying a Xingtai tractor is unambiguously profitable not only in terms of low financial costs, but also in terms of functionality.


The presence of a PTO shaft in the device allows use not only standard tools such as rakes, plows, hillers.


Dynamic hinges are suitable for hitching - mowers, potato diggers, snow blowers, aerators, sprinklers, etc.


The sale of Xingtai mini tractors is carried out with an expanded basic complete set of electrical appliances. The standard set includes headlights (including rear), generator, relay, ammeter, electric starter, direction indicators, battery, level sensor