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Euromach Jolly Specification
Euromach Jolly Specs
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Euromach Jolly Excavator Operating Manual
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Euromach Walking Excavator

Features of Walking Excavators

2 EUROMACH Walking Excavator Operator's Manuals PDF presented higher on the page.


In their appearance, wheeled walking excavators resemble giant spiders from science fiction films.


But their passability is even more impressive: they easily step over fences and climb mountains!


The monopoly of the two world-leading manufacturers of walking wheel excavators Menzi Muck AG from Switzerland and Kaiser AG Fahrzeugwerk from Austria, who started together and then, without sharing something, launched their own factories for the production of such equipment, was finally destroyed.


From the south, the Italian company Euromach SRL began to "prop up" its record for the size of machines from 16 to 19 tons by this summer no one has broken.


In the east, the Chinese concern XCMG began to crowd out the trendsetters.


On this, the list of developers and manufacturers of walking machines can be closed.

The Schaeff Group (Germany), previously present on the market, quietly left the trading floor after the takeover by Terex.


The company Batemag SRL (Italy) somehow imperceptibly went into obscurity.


The used term "walking" is somewhat exaggerated, since the monitored vehicle does not walk, but drives.


However, if necessary, it can confidently stomp and even climb up.


This is especially true on sites where wheeled movement is difficult or generally impracticable.


In mountainous areas, areas with difficult terrain, such machines are like a lifesaver.


However, on the plain, there are often differences in the level of the horizon near rivers, reservoirs, railway embankments or highways, and arachnids are also not superfluous there.

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