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Shifeng SF240-244 Tractors Operator's Manual
Shifeng SF240-244 Tractors Operator's Manual
Shifeng SF240-244 Tractors Operator's Ma
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Shifeng SF220-244 Tractors Operator's Manual
Shifeng SF220-244 Tractors Operator's Manual
Shifeng SF220-244 Tractors Operator's Ma
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.7 MB

Shifeng SF244 Tractor
Shifeng SF-244 Tractor

Shifeng Tractors History

Above on the page there are several PDF Manuals for SHIFENG Tractors.


The Chinese company Shifeng has been producing various agricultural machinery and small trucks since 1993.


During its successful history of development, Shifeng has developed and released on the market many popular models of various equipment: tractors, combines and light mini-trucks.


The annual production of these models is over 300,000 pieces. Shifeng Group Co. LTD is sold all over the world.


A wide model range consists of popular models of equipment: Shifeng SF-240-1, SF-244-1, SF-240, SF-220 (Xingtai 240B), F-354.



Minitractors of the Chinese company Shifeng have such distinctive design features:


- easy-to-maintain powerful and reliable diesel engine, unpretentious to the quality of domestic fuel;


- engine power up to 35 HP allows you to perform even the most complex agricultural work;


- a reliable fuel system that ensures the smooth operation of the engine;


- effective water cooling system prevents engine overheating and significantly reduces wear of parts, increasing the service life;


- starting the engine with an electric starter, with one turn of the key, greatly facilitates the operation of the model;


- the connected four-wheel drive on some models provides high cross-country ability of the tractor in any weather all year round;


- high ground clearance of more than 320 mm makes it possible to move freely over rough terrain;


- a belt drive from the engine to the gearbox (four belts) simplifies the repair and restoration of the tractor in the event of a breakdown;


- differential lock prevents wheels from slipping in mud or snow;


- three-point attachment of attachments with hydraulic output and quick-release coupling allows you to use a wide variety of accessories for various agricultural operations;


- wide wheelbase up to 1300 mm ensures stable movement of the model on sloping soil and prevents overturning;


- reliable in operation and easy-to-maintain shoe-type brakes guarantee traffic safety and ease of repair in case of wear of the linings;


- dashboard with easy-to-read instrument readings necessary to control the operation of the tractor;


- large diameter wheels with aggressive agricultural tread provide high cross-country ability of the model.

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