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MAHINDRA Tractor Manuals PDF

Mahindra ML114 Tractor Operator's Manual
Mahindra ML114 Tractor Operator's Manual
Mahindra ML114 Tractor Operator's Manual
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.9 MB
Mahindra ML170 Tractor Operator's Manual
Mahindra ML170 Tractor Operator's Manual
Mahindra ML170 Tractor Operator's Manual
Adobe Acrobat Document 7.0 MB
Mahindra 4510C Tractor Parts Catalog
Mahindra 4510C Tractor Parts Catalogue
Mahindra 4510C Tractor Parts Catalog PDF
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.0 MB

Mahindra 5525 2WD Tractor
Mahindra YUVO 275 Tractor

Mahindra Tractors Features

Above on the page there are several PDF Manuals for MAHINDRA Tractors.


Mahindra FengShou tractors are high-quality agricultural machinery manufactured in India.


The main production line is tractors of various capacities and configurations, with and without cabs, mini tractors.


From the line on the market, you can choose a suitable model for 35, 80, 92 hp.


All Mahindra FengShou cab tractors are equipped with a comfortable operator station. Therefore, even in the heat of summer or winter frosts, you can operate a tractor from India Mahindra for the chosen purpose without any obstacles or problems.


Attached and trailed implements of any type are suitable for aggregation. Almost any kind of dynamic or passive equipment can be used depending on the tasks and goals.


According to the basic selection criteria, the Mahindra FengShou tractor with a cab has the following features:


Engine. Mahindra FengShou cab tractors use exclusively 3- and 4-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engines. Due to this, a high degree of reliability of the engine compartment and the entire machine as a whole is achieved.


Also, diesel engines with air and water cooling are beneficial in terms of environmental friendliness, stable operation, saving money on maintenance.


Transmission. All Mahindra FengShou Cab Tractors are 4WD and some have an optional differential lock.


Therefore, the tractors are distinguished by easy handling, high maneuverability, stability, they are not prone to slipping, loading, overturning, regardless of the type of cultivated area.


Management and control system. The steering wheel is equipped with a hydraulic booster, due to which it is easy to control the position of the Foton tractor in space.

To simplify maintenance, the dashboard has all the necessary sensors with a warning system. Therefore, errors are excluded, as well as untimely addition of fuel and other working fluids.


PTO. The list of attachments available for aggregation depends on whether there is a power take-off shaft in the device, what type it is. On Mahindra Fengshou tractors with a cab PTOs are installed with a number of revolutions of 540 or 720, which provides special equipment with wide functionality.


Lighting system. In the basic configuration, the manufacturer has provided a large number of lighting devices, which allows you to perform work even in the dark and carry out movement on the highway.


Running gear. All tractors with Mahindra FengShou cab are wheeled models with high ground clearance, large tire diameter, adjustable track size.


The machines perform well not only on flat areas, but also on sites with uneven relief, slopes, with a variable soil composition.


Design. The Mahindra company pays a lot of attention to the design of its products, since this criterion is now taken into account by almost all users.


Machines are created in accordance with current trends, with excellent ergonomics, compact dimensions without sacrificing build quality and functionality.


Cabin. The operator's workplace is made as convenient and comfortable as possible. Panoramic glazing is used for good visibility.


For the prevention of fatigue - anti-vibration, height-adjustable seats.

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