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History of Hanix Compact Excavators

Above on the page there is a PDF Service Manual for HANIX Mini Excavator.


Japanese HANIX excavators (in Asia and Japan they are known as Nagano) have been manufactured by Nagano Industry Co, LTD since 1965.


HANIX mini excavators are compact, so they are ideal for working in the city.


These mini excavators are very manoeuvrable and can be used both in narrow old streets and on busy highways.


The HANIX mini excavator is completely Japanese. They produce a mini excavator at a single plant, which is located in Nagano.


The excellent quality of the Japanese assembly makes this technique a leader in the market.


HANIX are compact excavators designed for a variety of jobs.


HANIX can be used everywhere - from drilling holes with a hydraulic drill when planting trees to carrying out emergency rescue operations.


The HANIX mini excavator can be used even with radio remote control, i.e. unmanned.

Such a mini excavator will be very useful in an emergency or emergency situation (for example, when radiation is released).


The mini-excavator is also used for gasification of country houses: a maneuverable mini-excavator is necessary when you need to dig a shallow trench for laying plastic gas pipes in a small, often, plot of land.


Excavators from Japan do an excellent job of all of the above tasks, as well as many others.


The "native" quality of assembly and components, which distinguishes HANIX excavators from Japan, allows you to operate the equipment with virtually no breakdowns.


Mini excavators from Japan HANIX are easy to use - for example, their ground pressure is low, so they can be operated on any surface (both on soil and on asphalt).


The operating weight that HANIX mini excavators from Japan have is from 0.8 to 8 tons.


The HANIX crawler excavator has proven its reliability in practice - the HANIX compact crawler excavator has been produced since 1965.


The service life of this special equipment is twenty years or more.

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