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Everun ET Wheel Loader Spare Parts Catalog
Everun ET Wheel Loader Spare Parts Catal
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Features of Everun ER2500 Loader

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Front Loader EVERUN ER 35.



A powerful Weichai diesel in-line internal combustion engine with a capacity of 125/92 hp/kW is installed, which is distinguished by economical fuel consumption and environmentally friendly exhaust gases.




Complete with controllers allows you to quickly turn off the engine in an emergency.


The modern liquid cooling system reliably protects the engine from overheating.


Pre-heating of the system allows you to start the engine faster.


Thus, the internal combustion engine has a large motor resource, meets all safety conditions.



A power shuttle system has been installed that can work for a long time in the harsh operating conditions of the loader. The model is equipped with a 4x2 gearbox.


Walking system.

We recommend buying Everun ER 35 front loaders due to the safety of the model. Designers pay special attention to the frontal, lateral dynamic stability of the model. By the way, such a parameter as the carrying capacity of the machine always depends on the design of the chassis.


Pay attention to the following features of Everun ER 35 front loader.


Wheel formula - 4x4


Chassis dimensions - 17.5-25


Ground clearance - 376 mm.


Wheelbase - 2760 mm.


Thanks to these parameters, the equipment has a high cross-country ability, is resistant to frontal and side overturning, including at the time of loading and unloading.



The designers increased the strength of the hydraulic device itself and significantly reduced its weight. Thanks to this solution, the load capacity of the machine has increased up to 2500 kg and the unloading height (with an angle of 45o) up to 3000 mm.


Unlike older models of loaders, the levers have been replaced with a mechanical joystick, which has simplified the control mechanism.



All conditions for comfortable work and safety are created. Cab construction is FOPS/ROPS compliant, protected from falling objects and rollover.



Control. The steering wheel and seat are adjustable, which allows you to adapt their position to the dimensions of the operator.


Review. In addition to panoramic windows and mirrors, a rear-view camera and modern halogen optics are installed. Such solutions maximize the view, create visibility day and night.


For the operator. The cabin is heated in winter, equipped with a powerful fan. It is possible to install an air conditioner.

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