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O&K MH5.5 Excavator Specification
O&K MH5.5 Excavator Specs
O&K MH5.5 Excavator Specification PDF.pd
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O&K RH16.5 RH23.5 Excavators Specification
O&K RH16.5 RH23.5 Excavators Specs
O&K RH16.5 RH23.5 Excavators Specificati
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O&K RH200 Hydraulic Mining Excavator Specification
O&K RH200 Hydraulic Mining Excavator Specs
O&K RH200 Hydraulic Mining Excavator Spe
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O&K RH Excavator
O&K RH6 Excavator

History of O&K Loaders & Excavators

Above on the page there are several PDF Service Manuals for O&K Excavators, Loaders.


Orenstein & Koppel (commonly abbreviated as O&K) was a major German engineering company specializing in rail transport, escalators and heavy equipment.


It was founded on April 1, 1876 in Berlin by Benno Orenstein and Arthur Koppel.


This steam locomotive Orenstein & Koppel - Arthur Koppel S. A.


1893: O&K (Orenstein & Koppel) opened a factory in Dortmund that manufactured products such as steam shovels, steam locomotive wagons and dredgers.


1898 produced by the Spanish division of Madrid-Barcelona-Bilbao.


The former global construction equipment manufacturer Orenstein & Koppel was sold to Terex USA in the late 90s and subsequently split into separate segments.


The Mining - High Capacity Excavators segment was further resold by Bucyrus.


O&K excavators were sold under the Bucyrus brand, but retaining the O&K model name.


In 2010, Bucyrus became part of Caterpillar.


The segments "O&K wheel loaders, O&K excavators and O&K graders" were included in the CNH group's supply program.


Spare parts for O&K equipment are currently sold through CNH (Case IH, New Holland).

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