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Fuchs MHL320 Loading Machine Specification
Fuchs MHL320 Loading Machine Specs
Fuchs MHL320 Loading Machine Specificati
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Fuchs MHL340 Loading Machine Specification
Fuchs MHL340 Loading Machine Specs
Fuchs MHL340 Loading Machine Specificati
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Fuchs MHL350d Material Handler Specification
Fuchs MHL350d Material Handler Specs
Fuchs MHL350d Material Handler Specifica
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Fuchs Material Handler
FUCHS Loading Machine

Features of Fuchs Loading Machines

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The German company Fuchs has been successfully manufacturing scrap steel loaders for a long time. Now is a part of Terex.


The fundamental approach of the company is the complexity of design solutions.


As a result, Fuchs handling equipment is best suited to a wide range of applications.


Thus, the Fuchs brand is one of the most common in scrap processing enterprises.


All Fuchs loaders are made in blue - this is the brand color of the loaders of the German company.


The Fuchs MHL loader range is also designed for handling long loads.


For the needs of scrap processing, small and medium-sized machines Fuchs MHL 320MHL 331, MHL 335, MHL 340, MHL 350, as well as more powerful models: Fuchs MHL 360 and Fuchs MHL 380 are used.


All equipment of this series is equipped with universal quick-release devices designed to capture scrap metal of various sizes and volumes.

Fuchs MHL scrap loaders are equipped with a variety of grapple options - multi-jaw grapples (which are most suitable for steel scrap and metal shavings), as well as electromagnetic washers designed for loading / unloading small scrap.


In the latter case, it is possible to quickly clean the bottom of the car or the hold of the vessel from the remnants of small scrap.


From the additional devices facilitating work, there are hook captures.


A particularly useful unit, which can optionally be supplied with Fuchs, is the mounted scissors, equipped, if necessary, with their own hydraulic drive.


They can perform the primary cutting of large-sized fragments of scrap metal directly at the transfer sites.


This line has the designation Fuchs FQC.


In addition to stationary solutions, the Fuchs brand also produces mobile material handlers that can operate on unprepared sites.


In particular. Fuchs RHL reloaders, which operate on caterpillar tracks, are distinguished by increased cross-country ability.

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