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Dutra D4K Tractor Service Manual
Dutra D4K Tractor Service Manual
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Dutra D4K Tractor
Dutra D4K Tractor

Features of Dutra D4K Tractors

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The Dutra D4K tractors were particularly suitable for heavy soil cultivation, for which crawler tractors had previously been used.


Before the introduction of the Dutra D4K, tracked models were considered relatively noisy and not very comfortable.


A total of approximately 15,000 Dutra D4K B units were produced between 1964 and 1975.


The successful production of Hofherr and Dutra tractors in Hungary led to the interests of the authorities.


The largest export buyer was the East Germany, which purchased approximately 4,000 Dutra D4K B units.


The list price at the time was DM 39,500, and in the United Kingdom the cheapest version cost £3,445.


After the collapse of the East Germany, the Dutra D4K tractors used in the state were replaced by ZT 300 and K-700 tractors in the 1970s.


At the same time, agricultural production cooperatives received receipts for new K-700s only if they proved the refusal of Dutra D4K tractors.


For this reason, almost all Dutra D4K tractors in the East Germany were scrapped and have not survived to this day.

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