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Menzi Master M515 Excavator Specs
Menzi Master M515 Excavator Specs
Menzi Master M515 Excavator Specs PDF.pd
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Menzi Muck A20 A40 Excavators Specs
Menzi Muck A20 A40 Excavators Specs
Menzi Muck A20 A40 Excavators Specs PDF.
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Menzi A40
Menzi Muck A91

History of Menzi Muck Excavators

Above on the page there are several PDF Manuals for MENZI MUCK Walking Spider Excavators.


The walking excavator is used in the mining and quarrying industries.


Meanwhile, multifunctional mobile excavators have not only a stepping motion, but also a wheelbase.


These unique machines will cope with any task, both in civil and industrial construction. Such a versatile machine replaces the efforts of several dozen workers.


The Swiss company Menzi Muck specializes in the production of multifunctional mobile excavators.


This company is named in honor of its founder, Ernest Menzi, and also on behalf of the Swiss folklore hero Muck, from the fairy tale "Little Muck".


Menzi Muck is the only company throughout the country that manufactures such excavators, and plus everything, it's no secret that Swiss quality is considered the best and most reliable around the world.


Menzi Muck company began its history in 1966.


To date, the five thousandth model of the excavator has already rolled off the assembly line of this company.


Menzi Muck excavators have a flexible chassis, and a powerful walking function drive, so they can work on absolutely any soil and on any slope, across the slope 70%, and along 100%.

Excavators are produced in three types, ranging from 7 to 10.5 tons.


Menzi Muck has designed two special excavators that level the bottom for the gas pipeline between the UK and Norway at a kilometer depth.


The chassis and boom are made of anti-corrosion metal, aluminum and titanium.


In forestry, Menzi Muck is used as a harvester, produced in 1997.


With the help of a harverstr, they disassemble the blockage, thin out the forest, uproot old trunks, and with the help of special scissors they cut out hedges.


Menzi Muck's equipment is used equally effectively in the railway industry. In just fifteen minutes, a simple excavator turns into a railway one.


Moving and setting on rails is carried out in automatic mode. On the railway it moves with the help of a hydrostatic drive.


Works both on rails and on a nearby embankment, in motion and statistically.

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