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Zubr T-240 Tractor Operator's Manual
Zubr T-240 Tractor Operator's Manual
Zubr T-240 Tractor Operator's Manual PDF
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Zubr МB120D Tractor
Zubr 15T Tractor

Features of Zubr MB120D Tractor

Above on the page there is a PDF Manual for ZUBR Tractor.


The Zubr MB120D minitractor runs on a diesel engine.


An engine with a volume of 0,974 cubic meters and a capacity of 15 hp is installed. Equipped with a belt clutch, an electric engine start that will start the mini tractor in any weather, and an eight-speed gearbox.


A reliable engine will not let you down when working continuously over several shifts. The well-thought-out, Y-shaped tread on the rear wheels makes it easy to tackle difficult terrain.


Two headlights on the body of the minitractor and turning lights, allow you to work comfortably in the dark, and be noticeable on the road.


The adjustable seat reduces back fatigue of the operator during long periods of work. The installed additional equipment will allow to carry out a large number of works.


ZUBR MB120D Benefits:

Electric starter; A wide range of additional equipment: disc mower, trailer, potato digger, etc .; Small size; Wheel formula - 4x2; 6 speeds forward, 2 - backward; Diesel single-cylinder water-cooled engine; Braking system - foot drive, drum type; Comfortable driver's seat.

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